Splash! Hunt Path, Previews, and More

{Hunt Path

  1.  -Ragamuffins-
    Hint: SupPOSEdly, we’re going the beach today. I better get out my floaties!
  2. Temporarily Skip, Store Moving *~ Vicarious Youth ~*
    Hint: Looking for free stuff? I can help you!
  3. Dropped
  4. Gigglin Giraffe
    Hint: Beaches make me Happy Happy Happy!
  5. LAZO  [Four different hunt prizes here!  Be sure to collect them all.]
    Hint: 1-Where the Birdies take a bath…
    2-Can Fairies swin?
    3-A nest on the nose.
    4-Funny CraneCrown.
  6. Munchkins
    Hint: Relaxing in the sun is better in a comfy chair
  7. Punksters Destiny
    Hint: Look up high, it’s a ringer!
  8. {Petite Bowtique}
    Hint: Call me maybe
  9. Doodlez
    Hint: I want Candy
  10. LilSnookums
    Hint: You might have these in your home
    Although it’s not a door
    You can go up and down them
    To get between each floor
  11. ShortNStuff
    Hint: Look for me where you find a gift
  12. La Petite Jolie
    Hint: Better take a left and grabs some tees for Summer.
  13. Ohana Inc.
    Hint: They can cover a window but make sure if you didnt get your item click near me to get it
  14. May’s Buttons & Bows
    Hint: I feel LUCKY today.
  15. Temporarily Skip, Store Moving *PAN*
    Hint: Yankee Doodle went to town, riding on a pony, he stuck a… hm, I forget what he did next!
  16. Little Clover
    Hint: Don’t wake the sleeping bunnies!







September’s Hunt

You all voted, and the result for September’s Hunt is….

The Cozy Hunt Sign

The Cozy Hunt
September 5th to 30th
Application Deadline: September 1st
Group Name: -Playground Heroes Hunts-

September means fall, and that’s when the weather gets cooler. This hunt is about anything that makes you feel cozy during the fall. Soup, thick socks, flannel shirts, etc.

To apply, please read the about tab for the rules and then click the apply tab in order to submit and application.  We are also now accepting bloggers!

Please vote for the future hunts here.

Themes for Oct-Dec closed.  January-July will close October 1st.

Splash! Hunt. August 5th to August 31st


Splash! Hunt
August 5th-August 31st
Application Deadline: August 1st
Group Name: -Playground Heroes Hunts-

Anything to do with water! Bathing suits, pool/beach toys, sprinklers, water guns, floats, water balloon wars, towels, and anything else you can think of!

To apply, please read the about tab for the rules and then click the apply tab in order to submit and application.  Welcome!


This is the first of many hunts!  Please vote for the future hunts here: